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Ahoy! You’ve found me.

Like every other page in the universe this one is under construction. What you see is the template I’ll be using, but a lot of the sub-pages have yet to be updated. Bear with me and we’ll get there eventually.


the Desert Sailor

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  1. Nathan Jan 18th 2010

    I found you. Slick website so far.

  2. I was checking around your web site a little bit, I like your choice of cars, and since you saying you are old tar I think you menage to do well.

    Is this your house at the top left corner?

  3. Thanks for providing a link to the article “Books for Swabbies”. I volunteer with the restoration project on the Red Oak Victory Ship, AK235, in Richmond Ca., owned by the Richmond Museum of History. One of the things that got lost over the years was the ship’s library material, and the list of books that the good people of Red Oak, Iowa provided the ship for it’s commissioning in Dec. 1944, was lost by the Library of Congress in one of their fires.

    I’ve been researching the topic of books for sailors on the internet and this is one of the more delightful and informative articles I’ve read. I sure wish I could get ahold of a library list for a Liberty or Victory ship from those years, as we are actively trying to find or purchase replacement books for our crew library closet and we’re having to guess from hints we’ve gleaned from articles such as this one.

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